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Casino Updates
Casino Updates
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Destination Resort Casino Updates
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The City's Consultants:

Consultants' Reports:
Tribe's Traffic Report & Appendix
City's Traffic Report
Water Supply
Fiscal & Economic Impact:

Additional Information:
        RE: Notice of Availability of EIS Scoping Report
        Letter regarding a fee-to-trust land acquisition request
        *Relevant information is outlined in yellow
        RE: Intergovernmental Agreement
        RE: Special Municipal Council Meeting to be held May 24, 2012
        Presented to the City Council on May 8, 2012
        Letter to Governor Patrick regarding the traffic impact on Routes 140 and 24
        due to the proposed Destination Resort Casino.
        Letter to the Mayor and City Council disclosing the language of the ballot      
        Information regarding absentee ballots for the special election.
        An ad from the Board of Registrar of Voters stating the last day to register to
        vote, change address, chage party enrollment or change name before
        the referendum.
        Check for $340,000 from the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.
        Request to schedule public meetings.
        Communication from City Clerk as to various referendum-related deadlines.
        Taunton City Council schedules an election on Saturday, June 9, 2012.
        Amending the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe's Land into trust application to   
        include land in Taunton.
        Signed agreement for the payment of the city's cost of holding a special
        election and hiring consultants.
        Information to assist with deliberations involving the proposed Mashpee
        Wampanoag destination resort casino.
        Requesting the City of Taunton schedule a vote for approval of a proposed
        tribal gaming development.
        Tribal request is imminent.
        *Particular Emphasis: Section 91

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