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New Trash Fee
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Last Updated: 2011/4/13
For all Cities and Towns

Please find attached a chart compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection that contains a variety of statistics regarding the Trash and Recycling programs for communities throughout the state. Please review the chart so you con compare our program in Taunton to similar programs in neighboring communities.

The propsed increase does not go to services other that trash and recycling. At the present time, our $ 1.00 trash fee generates $1 million dollars. The remaining cost of the Trash & Recycling program in Taunton had been up to now funded by taking revenue out of the city's general fund to compensate for the remaining cost of the program. The new trash fee that was just adopted as a result of the approval by the Municpal Council of the FY2012 Fiscal Budget will have the price per trash bag stay at $1.00 per pag. Also, a trash fee will be assessed in FY2012 to each single family unit as follows:

One-Family:                       $   73.00
Two- Family                        $ 146.00
Three-Family:                    $ 219.00
Four-Family:                      $ 292.00
Condex                              $  73.00
One lot w/ One-2-family
and one 1-family                $ 219.00

In Fiscal 2012, the trash fee will appear on your third-quater tax bill.
In following years, your trash fee broken up and will appear on each quarter bill.

Please find attached a document that contains the trash and recycling fees and guidlines for every community in Massachusetts.

Thank you,

Charles Crowley