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Site Plan Review
Introduction: This information has been compiled to assist those individuals proposing projects which will require site plan review approval of the Planning Board and special permits from the Municipal Council. See Section 15 of the Zoning Ordinance for detailed requirements and in the case of any discrepancy between section 15 and this overview, section 15 shall take precedence. 

Special Permits allow the Municipal Council or Zoning Board of Appeals discretionary approval authority in permitting or denying uses which are generally considered by the Zoning Ordinance to be compatible in a specific district.

Site Plan Review enables the Panning Board to attach conditions and safeguards deemed necessary to protect the neighborhood and the City when approving a project.

The Development Impact Review Board (DIRB) was established to advise the Planning Board on projects requiring site plan review approval. This Board is composed of representatives from five (5) City Departments and citizen members from the ward or adjacent wards in which the proposed project is located.

Who Needs to File:

In administering these provisions, there shall be the following;

The  Taunton Planning Board, where applicable, shall be vested with the powers of a Full Site Plan Review and for the purposes of this section the Taunton Planning Board shall be the Site Plan Review Committee.
 There shall be a Development Impact Review Board (DIRB) to advise the SPRC on projects requiring a Site Plan Review.  The composition shall be as established by Ordinance of the Taunton Municipal Council.

(a) A  Site Plan Review,  shall be a public meeting from the Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) and shall apply to the following:
(a)  additions to existing commercial and industrial projects where the addition results in one or more of the following;
an increase in impervious area;
an increase in the minimum required number of parking spaces
a change in traffic flow on-site
(b)  change of use in business, highway business, office and industrial districts, where the new use is allowed by right in that district, results in an increase dimensional requirements, impervious area, landscaping and/or parking requirements
(c) an change in the number of parking spaces to the site and/ or an increase in impervious area
(d) multi-family (four units plus ) residential projects;
(f) new “non-residential” commercial and industrial projects on vacant or unimproved site;
(g) an increase in traffic generation of fifty or more cars per day as established by the Institute of Transportation Engineers;
(h) additions to existing multi-family residential projects, where the addition constitutes the creation of new units.
Any application that requires review under the site plan review process of Section 15.2 will follow the requirements of Sections 15.2.1 - 15.11.

Site Plan Review Application Process:

1. The petitioner (applicant) should contact the Director of Planning and Conservation at the earliest possible stages of a proposed projects design and planning. This contact is very important in verifying zoning compliance and determining the required submittals. This discussion is intended to save the applicant time and expense in preparing plans which will be suitable for submission to the Director. The applicant may be advised to consult other City Departments prior to formal submission of the application.

2. The applicant must submit one (1) complete copy of the application prior to formal submission of the twenty (20) copies of the application to verify the application for completeness.

3. Once the application is complete, 20 FOLDED copies of the plans and application packet must be submitted to the Director for referral to City Departments for review and their comments and recommendations.

An Application Requires the following:
1. Complete application signed by the Owner and Petitioner
2. Development Impact Statements
3. Reasons for petition
4. Deed for the subject property
5. Certified Abutters list for all owners within 300 feet of the subject property
6. Site Plan Stamped by a Registered Engineer or land Surveyor
7. Check for appropriate fee
8. Abutters envelopes with a standard stamp

An application that is deemed complete is then submitted to the City Clerk

After the submittal is deemed complete a hearing will be scheduled to be held in approximately 20 days. Departmental comments will be received and formulated into a list of conditions at the DIRB Hearing.  The list of conditions will be sent to the Planning Board for their public meeting as recommendations. The Planning Board will then hold a public meeting and render a decision.