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DPW Frequently Asked Questions
Solid Waste
Street Maintainence
Snow Removal
Sewer and Storm Drains
Telephone Numbers:

DPW Operation Center               508-821-1431 (Street, Drain, Storm, Trash & Recycling issues)
Landfill                                         508-821-4444 
Allied Waste                                1-800-825-3260  (Trash & Recycling issues)
Veolia Water                               508-823-3582  (Sewer related issues)

Solid Waste Disposal

How does the Pay As You Throw Trash Program (PAYT) work?
    You purchase orange, City-approved bags at stores where you usually shop.  You      
     Dispose of your trash in those bags, placing them curbside on your normal
     collection day.  The collection vehicle only picks up authorized bags.
Why is PAYT good for the environment?
People generate less trash and recycle more.  Recycling makes a significant difference by reducing the power consumption and emissions produced by manufacturing products from raw materials.

Where can I purchase City of Taunton trash bags?
Bags are sold in Supermarkets, Drug Stores and Conveniences Stores.  They come in a roll of five 35-gallon bags for $10.00.
How many bags can I put out on trash day?
 There is no limit to the amount of bags, as long as they are in City trash bags.  Maximum weight 50 pounds.
The trash bag tore open when I filled it, what do I do?
Return the remaining role to store for refund and call DPW Operations Center (508-821-1431).
Is there a limit on how much I can put in the trash bags?
Yes, the trash bag cannot weigh more than 35 pounds.
I am new to the City, what day is my trash pick-up?
 Call the DPW Operations Center (508-821-1431) for the day of the week trash is picked up on your street.
 Who do I call if my trash or recycling were missed?
Call Allied Waste (800-825-3260) or the DPW Operation Center (508-821-1431) to    request a pickup.
How many large items can I put out each week?
You may put out one large item per household per week next to your trash.
How do I get rid of appliances, metal items, and lawn mowers?
 You have to call Allied Waste to schedule a pick-up date.
What time do I put out my Trash and Recycling?
Trash and Recycling may be place out for collection after 5:00P.M. the night before and before 7:00 A.M. on your trash day.   Late putouts could result in your trash getting missed.
Does the same truck pick up both Trash and Recycling?
   No, there are two different trucks.
I have old windows and wood; will the Trash pick them up?
    No building material or window glass items will be picked up?  They have to go to the Landfill, 
    340 East Britannia St.
Can tires, propane tanks or car batteries go in the trash?
          No.  Please bring these items to the landfill for disposal.  There will be a fee charged.   The Commonwealth , 
          of Massachusetts waste ban prohibits the disposal of easy-to-recycle and toxic materials with your trash (per 310 CMR              19.017).
I missed the Trash Truck, what can I do with my Trash?
         You may take it to the Landfill at 340 East Britannia St.
When is Hazardous Waste Day?
Saturday, April 26, 2014, 9:00 A.M. to Noon 825 West Water Street at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.
What do I do with my old TV and computer monitors or electronics?
   They can go to the Landfill, 340 East Britannia Street free of charge to City residents.

 How do I get rid of Leaves and Yard Waste?
Grass and leaves may be placed in PAPER (not plastic) leaf bags or loose in barrels or boxes.  There are special Yard Waste pick-ups, in the fall and spring. The pickup dates will be advertised in the newspapers and cable television or you can call the DPW Operation Center (508-821-1431). 

I have bags of leaves; can I leave them at the Landfill?  Is here a charge?
    There is no charge for residents, but you must dump them out of the bags
     if the bags are plastic.
Someone dropped off a pile of trash on the side of the road, whom do I call?
      Call the DPW Operations Center 90 Ingell Street (508-821-1431).
How do I dispose of oil based paints and stains?
    Oil based paints and stains are now accepted at the landfill without having to dry them out.  You must show your ID.

How do I dispose of Florescent light bulbs and other items that contain mercury?
   Just show your ID and you can leave them free of charge at the landfill in the new building.



What is my weekly curbside Recycling limit?
No limit.  We encourage you to recycle as much as possible.
Where can I get a recycle bin?
The DPW Operations Center located at 90 Ingell Street. 
Can Styrofoam go in the Recycle bin?
No, Styrofoam is considered trash and must be placed in the trash.
Can pizza boxes and any other food, contaminated items be put in the recycle bin?
No, They are considered trash and must be placed in the trash.
What do I do with my old Christmas tree?
 There will be a Christmas tree Collection the second Sat. in January.
Where can I purchase a compost bin?
  Compost bins are available at the DPW Operations Center 90 Ingell St.
 What can I do with button and lithium batteries?
    Button and lithium batteries are now recycleable free of charge at the landfill in the new building.

What can I do with household cooking oil?
   You can bring it to the landfill free of charge.

Street Maintainence

The streetlight is out in front of my house.
        Call TMLP 508-824-3111.
 There is a dead animal in the street who do I call?
         Call Animal Control 508-822-2150, or for an emergency call the Police Department
Where can I get salt and sand?
          Salt and Sand is available at the DPW Operations Center 90 Ingell Street
I have ice on my street, who do I call?
          Call the DPW Operation Center 90 Ingell Street (508-821-1431).
There is a large pothole in road, who do I call?
          Call the DPW Operations Center 90 Ingell Street (508-821-1431).
I hit a pothole and ruined my tire, whom do I call?
      Call Risk Management, Carol Souza, 508-821-1172  (Insurance claim issues) 
The sidewalk is all broken up, whom do I call?
Call the DPW Operations Center (508-821-1431)  to request a work order be submitted.

Snow Removal 

My street has not been plowed, whom do I call?

         Call the DPW Operations Center 90 Ingell Street (508-821-1431).

Sewer and Storm Drains

[ need sand bags, where can I get them?
Sand bags are available at the DPW Operations Center 90 Ingell Street (508-821-1431).
[he street drain is clogged in front of my house, who to I call?
       Call the DPW Operations Center 90 Ingell Street (508-821-1431).
[ have a sewer back up in my cellar, who do I call?
If the back up is on your property, call a plumber, if it is on the street call Veolia Water at the 508-823-3582 or the DPW Operation Center (508-821-1431).