Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a Federal law that was adopted in 1990. The ADA is a civil rights law that, in certain circumstances, prohibits discrimination based on disability. The ADA states that a covered entity shall not discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability. This applies to job application procedures, hiring, advancement and discharge of employees, worker's compensation, job training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.

Additionally, no individual may be discriminated against on the basis of disability with regards to the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, or accommodations of any place of public service or accommodation by any person who owns, leases (or leases to), or operates a place of public accommodation or provides a public service. One of the requirements of the Act was that all cities and towns had to appoint an ADA Coordinator. The ADA Coordinator is responsible for working to bring all Municipal services, infrastructure and City owned buildings into compliance with the Act. Privately owned facilities do not fall under the ADA Coordinator's purview. For any issue with a City provided service or city owned building you can contact the Planning and Conservation office to address the issue.

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