Duties & Responsibilities

Taunton Municipal Airport serves the aviation needs of southeastern Massachusetts. Providing a safe and efficient airport, the Airport Commission has completed several improvement projects with the assistance of federal and state funding. Along with airport improvements, extensive private development has occurred at the airport with the construction of several new private hangars. The airport is one of the fastest growing in Massachusetts based on the significant increase in the number of based aircraft.

The airport's primary runway - Runway 12-30 - is paved and has a full-length parallel taxiway. A medium intensity, radio-controlled, edge lighting system services both the runway and the taxiway. Runway 30 is serviced by a non-precision RNAV/GPS approach as well as a PAPI. Runway 30 has also been designated for a future LPV approach. The airport offers 24/7 100LL Self fueling, tiedowns, and has an Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS).

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