Birth / Death / Marriage Records

Birth, Death and Marriage Records can be obtained in person, through the mail or online.

Birth Records

Many birth records are available to the public, however, some are not. The records that are not public would require a photo ID of a person listed on the record (Mother, Father, Child).

Marriage Records

Most marriage records are available to the public, however, like the birth records some are not. To obtain a certified copy of a "non" public record, the person must have a photo ID and be listed on the record.

Death Records

All death records are able to be viewed by the public. The fee to obtain a certified copy of any of the above in the City Clerk's Office is $10 cash.

We advise funeral directors to call the office prior to coming to be sure the death has been registered and is ready to be picked up.

To request a record through the mail, send a letter with:

  • Person's name and date of birth
  • Death or marriage
  • Your telephone number
  • Self- addressed stamped envelope
  • $10 Money Order

Mailing Address:

  • City Clerk
    City Hall
    15 Summer Street
    Taunton, MA 02780