Reprecincting / Redistricting Information Due to 2020 Federal Census


Every ten years after the Federal Census is complete, new ward and precinct boundary lines are drawn to reflect changes in the City's population and to anticipate the needs of the City's election system for the next decade.

Voting precincts established by a city or town must meet the following requirements:

  • Each new precinct must be "composed of compact and contiguous territory" without protruding fingers or long tails to the extent possible.
  • Precincts must be bounded by the center-line of streets or other well defined boundaries such as streams or other bodies of water, railroad tracks, power lines or other clearly visible geographic figures.
  • No precinct may contain more than 4,000 residents.
  • Every precinct's population must be within 5% of the average precinct population for that ward or town.
  • Ward populations must be within 5% of the average ward population for the city.
  • Redrawn ward and precinct boundaries must not result in the dilution of minority group members' votes


In previous years, reprecincting was completed by cities and towns by June in the year following the Federal Census. The state legislature created new legislative districts after the reprecincting process was complete, using precincts as building blocks for new State Representative, State Senator, Governor's Council, and Congressional districts.

Due to the pandemic, 2020 census data was not released until August 2021, which meant that cities and towns were redrawing precinct lines at the same time the legislature was working on new districts.

View additional District information (PDF).


Whenever a precinct contains more than one district, the city is required to create a sub-precinct. Voters who live in the sub-precinct will be listed on a separate voting list and provided with a different ballot than other voters in the precinct. The approved legislative boundaries make it impossible to avoid sub-precincts. Taunton now has 2 sub-precincts, 1-A1 and 4-B1.

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