VegetablesThe Taunton Board of Health permits and inspects all food establishments in the city to safeguard public health and provide to consumers food that is safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented.

The food code establishes definitions; sets standards for management and personnel, food operations, and equipment and facilities; and provides for food establishment plan review, permit issuance, inspection, employee restriction, and permit suspension.

Food Recalls

All Food Establishments in Taunton Are Permitted Once a Year

Those food establishments that are opening for the first time, changing ownership, remodeling, converting, or adding a new operation must fill out a Food Establishment Application.

Those food establishments that are just renewing their application need only fill out a Food Establishment Application. 

If a business is selling only packaged food items, the establishment must apply for a Retail Food Permit. 

Mobile food businesses in Taunton need to apply for a Mobile Food Establishment Permit. Those mobile food establishments that are opening for the first time, changing ownership, remodeling, converting, or adding a new operation must fill out a Mobile Food Establishment Application online through Permit Eyes (link below).

Businesses in Taunton who wish to manufacture and sell frozen desserts must apply for a Frozen Dessert Permit. It is the establishment's responsibility to have bacteriological tests performed on dessert products on a monthly basis by a Massachusetts certified laboratory.

If you wish to make/sell food for a short time for an event (14 days or less) you must apply for a Temporary Food Permit and be inspected by the Board of Health prior to opening. 

If you wish to make/sell food during a Farmers Market, you must apply for and obtain a Farmers Market Permit prior to opening. 

No Water or Boil Water Order

In the event that a food establishment has a loss of water service or is issued a boil water order, you must notify the Board of Health immediately. Please review a resource on how to manage this situation (PDF).

Food Managers Certification

Every food establishment in the City of Taunton must have two employees with a valid Food Managers Certification working at all times. A copy of this certification must be on file at the Board of Health.

For more information regarding Food Managers Certifications, follow the links below.

For information on keeping food safe in the event of an emergency, visit the Food Safety and Inspection Service website.

Allergen Awareness

Every food establishment requires at least one person must have completed and obtained their Allergen Awareness Certification.

Choke Safe

Establishments with 25 or more seats are required to have on its premises, while food is being served, an employee trained in manual procedures in accordance with 105 CMR 605.000 Approved Choke-Saving Procedures.

Online Permitting

Please visit the Permit Eyes Online Permitting to register for an account to apply for permits online.

Register a Complaint,

To register a complaint, please call 508-821-1400 so that your issue can be addressed in a timely manner.