Septic Haulers

Septic TruckThe City of Taunton has a septic treatment and processing plant. This plant is owned by Water Solutions Group and operated by Earth Tech.


The Taunton Board of Health permits every truck/trailer that drives within the city limits. Hauler trucks are not allowed to dump at the wastewater treatment plant without a valid permit.

Trucks are inspected once a year by the Board of Health.

Septic Haulers must supply the Board of Health with a completed application and a check for the appropriate amount before truck inspections. Also we require a copy of the registration for the truck/trailer.

Water Solutions AerialTrucks are inspected over a several week period during the month of December. Check the Calendar for dates and times. In addition, these inspection dates will be posted at Water Solutions Group.

Trucks that are added later in the year can be inspected and permitted by appointment only by calling 508-821-1400.

Once a truck has passed inspection, it is given a sticker for the year to be placed on the driver's side of the truck if it is a pump truck or the front of the tank on the driver's side if it is a trailer.


  • $100 per Truck/Trailer per Year

Septic Hose TypesTo apply, please follow link below to complete your electronic application.

Register a Complaint

To register a complaint, please call 508-821-1400 so that your issue can be addressed in a timely manner.