Old WellThese regulations are intended to protect the public health and general welfare by ensuring that private wells are constructed in a manner which will protect the quality of the groundwater derived from private wells. These regulations are adopted by the Taunton Board of Health, as authorized by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter III, Section 31.

Review the well regulation.

The Well Driller Registration Program has been transferred from the Department of Conservation and recreation to the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). 


Permit applications are available at the Board of Health office and must be filled out by the contractor prior to the construction of the well. The permit application must be fully filled out with the appropriate fee payable to the city of Taunton.

Well PumpFee:

  • $100 per well
  • $50 for well abandonments

The Permit needs to be on site at all times that work is taking place.

Certificate of Compliance

Once the well has been installed, the following must be submitted to the Board of Health in order to issue the Certificate of Compliance:

  • Copy of the Water Well Completion Report
  • Copy of the Pumping Test Report
  • Copy of the Water Quality Report

A Certificate of Compliance must be issued for the well before obtaining an occupancy permit or a building permit.

Register a Complaint

To register a complaint, please call508-821-1400 so that your issue can be addressed in a timely manner.