Commercial Properties

City of Taunton FOG Control Program

All food service establishments, or FSEs, that operate in the City of Taunton are required to comply with the City of Taunton FOG Control Program Regulations.

Review the City of Taunton regulations for the FOG Control Program.

Please watch the video below about managing FOG in food service establishments. The video was made by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to educate FSE owners and the general public about the FOG Control Program. The City of Taunton has a similar program in place.

What is a Food Service Establishment?

"Food service establishments," or FSEs, means those commercial establishments primarily engaged in activities of preparing, serving, or otherwise making food available for retail sale and consumption by the public. FSEs can be restaurants, commercial kitchens or caterers, and those portions of the following facilities engaged in similar activities: hotels, schools, hospitals, prisons, correctional facilities, and care institutions. These establishments use one or more of the following preparation activities: cooking by frying (all methods), baking (all methods), grilling, sautéing, rotisserie cooking, broiling (all methods), boiling, blanching, roasting, toasting, or poaching. Also included are infrared heating, searing, barbecuing, and any other food preparation activity that produces a hot, non-drinkable food product in or on a receptacle that requires washing. The term "Food Handling Facility," or FHF, can also be used interchangeably with the term FSE.