Gasoline, Oil & Sand Separators

Under the Massachusetts Plumbing Code 248 Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) 10.09 (1b)(1a and b) Floor drains and gasoline, oil and sand separators shall be installed in all commercial motor vehicle:

  • Parking and storage accommodations;
  • Repair garages, repair facilities or auto body repair facilities;
  • Service facilities with or without grease racks and grease pits;
  • Wash rack areas;
  • Wash areas (including automatic car wash structures); and
  • Facilities where motor oils, gasoline, anti-freeze and similar hazardous liquid wastes are potentially generated or may potentially spill.

Gasoline, oil and sand separators must be inspected monthly and pumped as needed and at least once a year.

Maintenance and pumping logs must be kept and available for review upon inspection by the City of Taunton. Maintenance logs must be submitted to the FOG Enforcement Officer once a year on January 1st to the following address:
Kevin M. Duquette
FOG Enforcement Officer
Taunton Board of Health
45 School Street
Taunton, MA 02780

The establishment must have manifests available for review by the FOG Enforcement Agent for all waste oil. Waste oil contracts must be with a licensed waste hauler.

For help with the FOG management process get a copy of the City of Taunton FOG Check List (PDF).

Download a list of best management practices for floor drains (PDF).

Any facility that is not tied-in to City sewer and plans to seal off floor drains must fill out a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Form WS1 (PDF). This form must be filled out and signed by the facility owner and then submitted to the City of Taunton Plumbing Inspector. The Plumbing Inspector must sign off and approve the request before submitting the form to the DEP. 

Hazardous Materials Program

Any facility that seals floor drains must provide a plan detailing the means of collecting, storing, and disposing any hazardous waste generated by the facility, including any spill or other discharge of hazardous materials or wastes. The City of Taunton has a Hazardous Materials Control Program and this plan must be submitted as part of the program.

Download a copy of the Hazardous Materials Control Plan Review Application (PDF).