Local Filing Fees

Filing Type Description Local Fee Notification Needed
RDA Less than 2 Acres $110 Legal AD
RDA 2 Acres or More $150 + $25 each additional acre over 2 (SFH not to exceed $175) Legal AD
NOI N/A 15% of Total Fee Abutters, Legal AD
ANRAD N/A $150 + $1 per Linear Foot for Vernal Pools. TOB, MAHW, ILSF, NTE $150 for Residential or $300 for Multi (Greater than 3 Units) Abutters, Legal AD
Certificate of Compliance Less than 5 Acres or SFH
5 Acres or More
$100 + $25/Acre Over 5 acres
Revisit Fee $50 Each Additional Visit
None. Submit Engineers Letter and an As-Built Plan
Amendments N/A 15% of Original Fee ($75 Minimum) Abutters, Legal AD
Extensions N/A $50.00 Per Request. 5 or More Acres: Additional $10 Per Acre None. Submit Letter with Reasons.
Letters of Ongoing Compliance N/A $25 Per Request None
Stormwater Areas Outside of TCC Jurisdiction $50 Per Disturbed Acre None