Press Releases

O'Connell Invites Community to Join in Upcoming Christmas Festivities: November 20, 2023

O'Connell Announces Taunton Area Vietnam Veterans Association as 2023 Christmas Parade Grand Marshals: November 15, 2023

O'Connell and Finance Department Introduce Contactless Payments and Digital Wallet Capabilities for Taunton Residents: September 27, 2023

O'Connell Announces Free One-Day Residential Waste Drop-Off Event: September 11, 2023

O'Connell Invites  Community to Attend Upcoming 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony: September 5, 2023

O'Connell Awards Mayor's Worthy Cause Scholarships: August 31, 2023

O'Connell Announces New Main Street Crosswalks: August 28, 2023

O'Connell and City of Taunton to Host 3rd Annual Honor our Military Event: August 23, 2023

O'Connell Administration Achieves 500% Increase in Grant Money for Taunton: August 21, 2023

O'Connell Announces Opening of New Weir Riverfront Splash Pad: August 6, 2023

O'Connell Announces Additional Services at Taunton Convenience Center: July 17, 2023

O'Connell Announces Creation of "Leading City" Initiative to Promote Economic and Community Development : July 6, 2023

O'Connell Reduces Fees for Small Business: June 30, 2023

O'Connell and City of Taunton Celebrate Portuguese Heritage Month: May 27, 2023

O'Connell and Gil Lopes of G. Lopes Construction Receive 2023 Good Scout Award: May 19, 2023

O'Connell Thanks Voters for Support of Public Safety Building: May 5, 2023

O'Connell Highlights City of Taunton Commitment to Roads and Sidewalks: April 15, 2023

O'Connell Announces Improvements that Streamline Government Operations and Save Taxpayers Money: April 3, 2023

O'Connell Announces ARPA Grant Assistance Available to Local Nonprofits: March 31, 2023

O'Connell Welcomes State Auditor Diana Dizoglio to Taunton for Women's History Month Celebration: March 25, 2023

O'Connell Announces Exciting Changes Coming to Weir Village: March 20, 2023

O'Connell Announces Grant to Study Potential of Former Nursing Home: March 6, 2023

O'Connell Thanks City Council for Unanimous Vote for Public Safety Building: February 16, 2023

O'Connell  Provides City Charter Update: People Now Have a Voice on Charter Changes: January 14, 2023  

O'Connell Thanks Local Business for Successful Christmas Toy Drive: December 21, 2022

O'Connell Encourages Residents To Shop Local this Saturday: November 23, 2022

O'Connell Announces 2022 Christmas Parade Grand Marshal: November 21, 2022

O'Connell Invites Community to Join in Upcoming Christmas Festivities: November 19, 2022

O'Connell Announces Grant for Environmental Cleanup: November 16, 2022

O'Connell Celebrates Halloween with Local Children at Afterschool Programs: October 29, 2022

City of Taunton DPW Announces State-Mandated Mattress Recycling Changes: October 14, 2022

O'Connell Announces $60K Urban Forestry Grant: October 12, 2022

O'Connell Announces Programs to Drive Economic Development in Taunton: August 13, 2022

O'Connell Invites Community to Attend Whittenton Block Party: August 7, 2022

O'Connell Announces $400K Complete Streets Grant Awarded to Taunton: July 29, 2022

O’Connell Announces Extended Hours at Hopewell Pool: July 19, 2022

O'Connell Announces Mental Health Grant Renewal to Local Youth Organizations: July 14, 2022

Taunton Officials to Increase Enforcement of Laws & Ordinances Regarding Unsafe Use of ATV's and Bikes: June 30, 2022

O'Connell Announces Publication of Business and Development Guide: June 27, 2022

O'Connell Continues Downtown Improvements With Two MassDOT Grants: June 13, 2022

O'Connell Invites Community to Attend Annual Honor Our Military Event: June 10, 2022

O'Connell Announces Planning & Conservation Department Relocation: June 8, 2022

O'Connell Announces $190K Fiber Grant Award: June 6, 2022

O'Connell Announces New Downtown Outdoor Seating Space: May 16, 2022

O'Connell Announces Launch of Transformative Development Initiative in Whittenton Area: March 23, 2022

O'Connell Reminds Residents of City Hall Open Space Meeting: March 8, 2022

O'Connell Announces Banner Displays to Honor Our Military: February 14, 2022

O'Connell Announces Live Telephone Town Hall: February 11, 2022

City of Taunton Receives $100K Grant for ADA Upgrades: January 21, 2022

O'Connell Supports Local Businesses with Grant Program: January 7, 2022

O’Connell Announces Free COVID-19 Test Kits Available to High-Need City Residents- December 21, 2021

O’Connell Shares Upcoming Christmas Event Updates- November 20, 2021

O’Connell Announces 2021 Christmas Parade Grand Marshal- November 14, 2021

O'Connell Announces $100K Urban Grant Renewal - November 12, 2021

O'Connell Announces VaxBus Return to Taunton- October 27, 2021

O’Connell Announces VaxBus Return to Taunton- October 5, 2021

O’Connell Announces ARPA Grant to Local Youth Organizations; Boys & Girls Club, Taunton YMCA and Girls, Inc. Gratefully Accept Support of Afterschool Programs- October 2, 2021

O’Connell Invites Community to Attend ARPA Meeting at City Hall- September 17, 2021

City of Taunton Utilizes ARPA Funds for Youth Programs; O’Connell Thanks Community Partners for Summer Initiatives- August 27, 2021

O’Connell Announces VaxBus Return to Taunton- August 19, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Invites City Residents to Participate in Live COVID-19 Telephone Town Hall- August 15, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Announces Opening of Cooling Center- August 11, 2021

Mayor O’Connell Announces Upcoming Summer Celebration- August 11, 2021

Mayor O’Connell Extends Hours at Hopewell Pool During Heat Wave- August 11, 2021

Mayor's Office of Economic and Community Development Assists Small Businesses Through Grant Program- August 10, 2021

O'Connell Announces VaxBus in Taunton- July 29, 2021

O’Connell Doubles Senior Property Tax Exemption- June 30, 2021

O'Connell Shares Heat Advisory Information- June 28, 2021

O’Connell Announces Sponsorship of Taunton Youth Summer Program through ARPA Grant; Collaboration with T.R.U.E. Diversity and Raising Multicultural Kids- June 22, 2021

O'Connell Proudly Announces City of Taunton Featured Across North America in Business View Magazine- June 14, 2021 

Mayor O’Connell Allocates $4 Million For Upcoming Road Repairs- May 20, 2021

Mayor O’Connell Takes Initiative to Update City Charter- May 20, 2021

O'Connell Invites Residents to Attend Natural Hazard Mitigation Workshop- May 17, 2021

City of Taunton Breaks Ground on New Airport Administration Building, O'Connell Thanks MassDOT, Airport Commission for Partnership: May 14, 2021

O'Connell Honors Veterans: Mayor's Worthy Cause Sponsors Tribute to Veterans- May 11, 2021

O'Connell Announces Launch of Make It OK Campaign To Promote Mental Health Awareness and Acceptance: May 6, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Announces Opening of Regional Vaccine Clinic at Holiday Inn- April 26, 2021

Mayor O’Connell Announces $34 Million in Financing from Clean Water State Revolving Fund- April 26, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Announces Live Telephone Town Hall Forum Regarding Clean Technologies Gasification Project- April 20, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Encourages Residents to Join Taunton Ecology Awareness Movement (T.E.A.M.) for 30th Annual City-Wide Clean-Up- April 20, 2021

Department of Public Works Announces Reopening of Yard Waste Program-April 9, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Announces $26K Grant for Taunton Fire Department Thermal Imaging Cameras-April 7, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Announces $250K Grant to Reconstruct Weir Street Sidewalks- April 1, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Announces Regional Collaborative Vaccination Site Plan Approval- March 17, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Collaborates with Neighboring Communities to Establish Regional Vaccination Site- March 8, 2021

Mayor O’Connell Announces Small Business “STEP UP” Grant- March 4, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Shares Vaccine Update- March 3, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Announces $6.9M Grant for New Airport Administration Building- February 19, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Announces Vaccine Updates- February 18, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Thanks Community for Outpouring of Support for Seniors on Valentine's Day- February 12, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Announces Upcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic- February 10, 2021

Mayor O’Connell Proclaims February as Black History Month- February 5, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Announces Upcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic- February 3, 2021

Mayor O’Connell Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Updates- January 29, 2021

Mayor O’Connell Announces MBTA Seeks Public Input on South Coast Rail- January 15, 2021

Mayor O'Connell Orders Flags to Half-staff In Honor of Patrolman Borges- December 26, 2020 

Mayor O'Connell shares COVID-19 vaccine distribution information- December 19, 2020 

Mayor O’Connell Shares Upcoming Christmas Event Updates- November 30, 2020


Mayor O’Connell Encourages Residents to Shop Locally During Small Business Weekend- November 20, 2020  

Mayor O’Connell Congratulates Winners of the Downtown Scarecrow Contest- November 13, 2020

Mayor O’Connell Promotes the Open Enrollment Period of the Massachusetts Health Connector- November 6, 2020

Mayor O’Connell Shares New COVID-19 State Guidelines,-Governor’s Order Takes Effect Nov 6- November 4, 2020

Mayor O’Connell Encourages Residents to Vote in the November General Election- October 29, 2020

Mayor O'Connell Holds Ribbon Cutting for Taunton City Hall- October 28, 2020

Taunton Board of Health Issues Reminders For a Safe Halloween- October 27, 2020

Mayor O’Connell Urges Local Businesses to Apply for State Grants- October 22, 2020

Mayor O’Connell Announces Weekend Tours of New City Hall- October 15, 2020

Mayor O’Connell Encourages Residents to Vote in the November General Election- October 6, 2020

City of Taunton Receives $6.5 million for Broadway Corridor Improvements- September 30, 2020

Mayor O’Connell Announces Refurbished City Hall to Re-Open- September 24, 2020

Mayor O’Connell announced that the City received a $150,000 grant through the MassDOT’s new Shared Streets and Spaces competitive grant program- September 21, 2020

City of Taunton 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony- September 9, 2020


Mayor O’Connell and Taunton Opiate Task Force Recognize International Overdose Awareness Day August 24, 2020

Mayor O’Connell Helps Local Businesses Impacted by Covid-19 July 1, 2020

Mayor O’Connell re-opens city government buildings June 11, 2020

Mayor O'Connell Announces More Support for Small Businesses June 6,2020

Mayor O’Connell Creates UNITE Task Force: June 4, 2020

Mayor O’Connell Supports Restaurant Re-Opening June 3, 2020

Mayor O'Connell Submits 2021 City Budget June 1, 2020

City of Taunton Helping to Celebrate Taunton High Graduating Class of 2020 May 20, 2020

Taunton will be Ready for Re-opening May 18, 2020

Face Covering Required Beginning May 6 May 5, 2020

Corrected Tax Bills April 1, 2020

Mayor Shaunna O’Connell announced that as of Thursday, March 26, there are 21 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Taunton March 26, 2020

Mayor O’Connell Comments on Special Election March 24, 2020

Mayor Shaunna O’Connell announced that Governor Baker has issued an emergency order requiring all non-essential physical workplaces and facilities (“brick and mortar premises”) to remain closed to workers, customers and the public from 12:00 noon on March 24, 2020, at least through 12:00 noon on April 7, 2020. March 23, 2020

Mayor Shaunna O’Connell and Taunton Board of Health Executive Director Heather Gallant report that the City of Taunton has received notification of a single positive case of COVID-19 in Taunton March 20, 2020

Mayor O'Connell Taking Steps to Protect Public Health and Safety March 10, 2020

Mayor O’Connell donates to the Taunton High School Access Center February 12, 2020

Mayor Shaunna O’Connell Inaugural Speech: January 6, 2020

Mayor O'Connell Announces Tax Relief