Lot Purchases & Cemetery Fee's

Effective April 1, 2023  the City of Taunton  will allow Lot purchases at the Mayflower Hill Cemetery for both IMMEDIATE NEED  as well as PRE NEED.

For more information please contact the office at 508-821-1415


The Parks, Cemeteries and Public Grounds Department will offer lot purchases for both Immediate Need as well as Pre Need. Lots will be sold in the following denominations.  

1.    Single Grave

2.    2 Grave Lot

3.    4 Grave Lot 

4.    8 Grave Lot 

Lot Purchases are limited to no more than (1) eight grave lot per household/individual family.

  Rules for Monuments, Markers and Foundations when considering your lot selections

A.    IMMEDIATE NEED LOT PURCHASES. are lots that are purchased at the time of a death. The next available lot size requested will be sold.

B.    PRENEED LOT PURCHASES.  The Parks, Cemetery and Public Grounds Department offers lot sales on a preneed basis.  Should one wish to purchase a cemetery lot on a preneed basis, they will be guided to purchase the desired size lot within a specific designated section directed by the cemetery department. Lots will be sold in the order listed below. New Sections will not become available until all lots are sold in the previous section.

2023 Cemetery Fee Schedule & refund Policy