Video Tour of Taunton Police Station

Did you miss the Police Station tours on March 11, 2023? Here is a short video highlighting some of the conditions at our current Police Station: Taunton Police Station 

1. Taunton hasn't built a new police station since 1909 (when Teddy Roosevelt was President!).
2. Taunton Police Dept. has been located in "temporary" facilities for over 45 years.
3. The current Police Station is a former grocery store.
4. Small office spaces hold multiple Police personnel making it difficult to work.
5. Inadequate space for storage means records and equipment are stacked throughout the station.
6. Lack of space means some Police personnel are assigned to various locations in the City because Police headquarters cannot accommodate all of the employees.
7. Basement areas are prone to flooding and have inadequate ventilation.
8. No available space for training or Department-wide meetings.
9. Cell blocks were not purpose-built and require space heaters.
10. The City of Taunton and its hardworking Police Officers deserve a modern, cost-efficient Police Station to ensure the highest level of public safety!

To tour the Police Station in person, join us on April 8, 2023 from 11am-1pm at 23 Summer Street.