Video Tour of Central Fire Station

Did you miss the Central Fire Station tours on March 25, 2023? 

Here is a short video highlighting some of the conditions at our Central Fire Station:

Tour of Central Fire Station 

1. Four out of five Fire Stations in Taunton are over 100 years old.
2. Central Fire Station was constructed in 1869 and is one of the oldest continuously running Fire Stations in the country.
3. Central Fire Station was built to accommodate horses and wagons.
4. Original single pane windows and crumbling infrastructure cannot keep snow and rain out of the building.
5. Remnants of the building show systems designed to care for horses and to dry hoses back when they were made out of canvas and lined with cotton and needed to be hung up to dry.
6. Firefighters are required to sleep overnight for their shifts at the Fire Station and must contend with rodents, lack of space and uncomfortable accommodations.
7. Aging infrastructure cannot support modern firefighting equipment, particularly the floors which cannot support fully equipped fire engines filled with water which can weigh over 50,000 lbs.
8. Emergency communications equipment and personnel are located in small quarters lacking adequate space and ventilation with no room for expansion or inclusion of Emergency Medical Dispatch.
9. Lacks classroom for instructional lectures or space to regularly practice essential firefighting skills.
10. The City of Taunton and its hardworking Firefighters deserve a modern, cost-efficient Fire Station to ensure the highest level of public safety!

To tour Central Fire Station in person, join us next month on April 15, 2023 from 1pm-3pm at 50 School Street.