What happened in Taunton?

The resulting change to the flood limits in Taunton is minimal. In most cases, the base flood elevation (BFE) did not change. There are localized area where the BFE increased by one foot, and other areas where it was lowered by one foot. The single greatest contributing factor to the change in the limits is the use of more accurate topographic data, resulting in better mapping.

The Engineering Division reviewed the changes and identified 287 properties where there was a change of note in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). This means we've identified those properties that were added into SFHA, those that were removed, those where the SFHA increased on their property and a house or other structure was included, and those where the SFHA was reduced and a house or other structure was removed.

Of the 287 properties identified, 106 were added into the SFHA, but only 30 had a structure added. 40 properties had the SFHA increase to where a structure was included. Additionally, 37 properties were removed from the SFHA and 104 had the SFHA reduced to the point where a structure was removed.

It is important to note that our review of these changes is not official. FEMA is the governing authority and the final determination of whether a property or house falls within a flood zone is up to them.

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1. What happened in Taunton?
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