Agricultural Commission

The Taunton Agricultural Commission serves as facilitators for encouraging the pursuit of agriculture in Taunton; promotes agricultural-based economic opportunities in the City; acts as mediators, advocates, educators, and/or negotiators; acts in an advisory capacity on farming issues for established municipal boards and departments; pursues all initiatives appropriate to creating a sustainable agricultural community; and encourages the pursuit of agriculture as a career opportunity and lifestyle.

View local farms in the Taunton area delivering fresh produce during COVID-19 here.

View a copy of our recently completed Draft Work Plan.

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Vacancies: The Agricultural Commission currently has 3 vacancies for Junior Members (HS Students under age 18).

Board Members

Name Title
Jonathan Gray Chairman
Katie Roberts Vice Chairwoman
William McCaffery Clerk
Carol Doherty Member
Arthur Lopes Member
Jenna Gouveia Alternate Member
Melissa Santos Alternate Member