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Corrected Tax Bills - Questions & Answers


 Q.  Why are corrected property tax bills being issued for the fourth quarter?

 A.  A tax exempt parcel’s valuation was classified as taxable. This triggered the tax rate understatement.  To correct this situation, Municipal Council approved filing Special Legislation which allows the City to calculate a revised tax rate.

 Q.  How will the corrected tax rate be decided?

 A. Once the Legislation passes, the Assessors will hold a new tax rate classification hearing so the Municipal Council can establish the revised tax rate for the corrected bills.

 Q.  How will my bill change?

 A. The 4th quarter bill you have already received will be corrected.   A new bill will be issued with the corrected amount due for the 4th quarter. The corrected bill represents the amount that should have been billed and is NOT a tax increase

 Q. Will valuations change?

A. No, all valuations are correct.  The current valuations will be used to calculate the new tax rate and determine the corrected amount of the 4th quarter bills.

 Q.  When will I receive a new bill?

 A. Once Legislation is passed, it will take approximately 30 to 45 days to complete the tax rate setting process and issue corrected tax bills.

 Q.  What if I already paid my bill?

 A.  The 4th quarter bills will reflect all payments already made prior to the re-issued tax bills and reduce the amount outstanding.

 Q.  Can I file for abatement?

 A.  Yes, you will have 30 days from date of issue of the revised bill to file an abatement.

 Q.  What if I already filed for abatement?

 A. You will not have to file another abatement, abatement will be reviewed as usual.

 Q. How much time will I have to pay my fourth quarter tax bill?

 A. Revised bills will be due 30 days from the date of issue and will clearly state the due date.



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