Building Department

Thanks for taking the time to visit and learn about the City's Building Department!

*Please Note* We do not accept credit/debit cards for payment with walk in permits. Only cash, check, or money order will be accepted.

Mission Statement:

It is the responsibility of the Building Department to ensure that the buildings in which we live, work, worship, and recreate are built and maintained safely. The inspectional division of this department enforces the provisions of Massachusetts State Building Code and the City of Taunton Zoning Ordinance in order to protect the health, safety and general welfare of city residents.

Additionally, the maintenance division of the Building Department is responsible for the care and upkeep of all municipal buildings.

What We Do:

Code Enforcement:
The Building Department issues permits for new construction as well as repairs, additions, alterations, demolition and changes in use. Permits for plumbing, gas, electrical and sheet metal work are issued by this department and all associated inspections are performed. Additionally, the Building Inspection Department is responsible for annual inspections of schools, restaurants, theaters, churches, boarding houses, hotels and multi-family dwellings as well as enforcement of the City of Taunton Zoning Ordinance.

Maintenance of Public Buildings:
The Building Department also plans, builds and maintains all public building facilities. The schools, public safety and general government buildings are a city asset, currently valued at over $300 million. Daily repairs are requested and performed with a 20-person staff of technicians and specialized maintenance personnel.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Rick Ames Superintendent of Buildings (contact for issues with Municipal Buildings) (508) 821-1015
Robert Pirozzi Building Commissioner / Chief of Inspections (508) 821-1015
Mary Jane Benker Building Inspector - Zoning Enforcement Officer (508) 821-1015
Christopher Costa Plumbing and Gas Inspector (508) 821-1015
Paul White Building Inspector-Zoning Enforcement Officer (508) 821-1015
David Ingargiola Electrical Inspector (508) 821-1015
Maria Ventura Office Manager (508) 821-1015
Joan Adamczyk Head Administrative Clerk (508) 821-1015
Lynn Trudelle Head Clerk (508) 821-1015
Katie Brown Head Clerk