Conservation Commission

The Commission's Mission:

The purpose of this Commission is to protect the wetlands, water resources, and adjoining land areas in the City of Taunton by controlling activities deemed by the Taunton Conservation Commission likely to have a significant or cumulative effect upon public or private water supply, groundwater, flood control, erosion and sedimentation control, storm damage prevention including coastal storm flowage, water quality, water pollution control, fisheries, shellfish, wildlife habitat, rare species habitat including rare plant species, agriculture, aquaculture, and recreation values, deemed important to the community. The Taunton Conservation Commission is empowered to protect the wetlands and waterbodies and to enforce and remediate damages to said wetlands and waterbodies.

In accomplishing the above, the Commission:

  • Administers the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act - permits and oversees the construction of projects within 100 feet of wetlands
  • Administers the Rivers Protection Act - permits and oversees the construction of projects within 200 feet from Rivers
  • Undertakes land acquisition to protect sensitive resource areas and habitat
  • Manages land own by the Conservation Commission
  • Undertakes public education and public participation on environmental issues.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kevin Scanlon Director (508) 821-1051
Michele Restino Conservation Agent (508) 821-1095

Board Members

Name Title
Steven Turner Chair
Debra Botellio Member
Luis Freitas Member
Marla Isaac Member
Jan Rego Member
Richard F Enos Member
Matthew Haggerty Member