City of Taunton 911 Regionalization Exploration

911 Regionalization Exploration

The City of Taunton has been discussing issues regarding 911 communications since 2015. The City has discussed a number of options over the years. Since 2021, the City has been exploring the possibility of joining the Southeast Massachusetts Regional Emergency Cmmunications Center (SEMRECC)

The Mayor's Office has worked closely with Police Chief Edward Walsh, Fire Chief Timothy Bradshaw, the City Solicitor, and the State 911 Department.   

The Mayor’s Office, representatives from the Law Department, and Chiefs Walsh and Bradshaw with members of their departments have visited the SEMRECC facility for a tour and meeting with the SEMRECC Director and staff. 

Several meetings with the Mayor’s Office, Law Dept, State 911, EOPPS, and TPD and TFD have been held at City Hall. 

City Councilors toured the SEMRECC facility.

Unions and their counsel have been kept apprised of the process.

SEMRECC gave a presentation to City Council on June 22. Please click here for a copy of the presentation: SEMRECC Presentation to City Council June 2021.

The City Council unanimously approved the Mayor entering into an agreement for a feasibility study exploring the possibility of the City of Taunton joining SEMRECC.  The study was arranged and funded by State 911.   

The Edward J. Collins Jr. Center for Public Management completed the feasibility report on December 31, 2021. Click here for the Final Report: Edward J. Collins Jr. Center Feasibility Study for City of Taunton to Join SEMRECC.

The report recommended that the City of Taunton join SEMRECC, citing numerous benefits, including:

  • Robust staffing, which includes (6) six to (7) seven dispatchers and supervisors on each shift
  • Certified Advanced EMD Dispatchers
  • Regional data sharing and analytics
  • Regional approach to radio system planning
  • Robust physical security and cybersecurity posture
  • Hosted CAD and RMS
  • Pre-incident planning assistance, including capabilities for aerial drone photography
  • 911 wireless direct with enhanced mapping and geolocation capabilities in addition to NG911
  • Major incident and event planning and response support
  • Increased PSAP, call taking, and dispatching efficiency
  • Decreased and stabilize cost to community with a substantial return on investment
  • Ability to reduce employee count, healthcare costs, retirement and OBRA liabilities
  • Mobile data integration and data usage for public safety tactical operations
  • Provision of emergency management dispatchers who have completed Tactical Emergency Response Training
  • Dedicated Training and Quality Assurance staff

The City Council voted on January 11, 2022 to authorize the Mayor to take the necessary steps to continue to explore the possibility of the City of Taunton joining SEMRECC.

Implementation Steps to join SEMRECC include:

  • City of Taunton submits a letter of intent to the Director of SEMRECC expressing a desire to join.
  • City of Taunton submits call volume to SEMRECC.
  • SEMRECC Board approves the inclusion of City of Taunton in the 911 District.
  • The Director of SEMRECC then:
    • Meets with City of Taunton representatives to identify their dispatching needs.
    • Calculates the needed staff for the SEMRECC including Taunton.
    • Develops an overall budget for the SEMRECC.
    • Identifies the Taunton cost.
    • Assesses the technology needs for Taunton to join the SEMRECC.
    • Prepares a State 911 Development Grant to seek the funds to transition into the SEMRECC: and
    • Signs an IMA between the SEMRECC and Taunton.

For a copy of the 911 Presentation to City Council on January 11, 2022, please click here: 911 Presentation 01/11/22