Mayor O'Connell Announces $26K Grant for Fire Department Thermal Imaging Cameras

Press Release 4/7/21
Mayor O'Connell Announces $26K Grant for Fire Department Thermal Imaging Cameras

For Immediate Release: 04/07/21

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Taunton, MA…Today Mayor O’Connell announced that the City’s Fire Department received a $26,000 grant from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, which will fund the purchase of 36 Thermal Imaging Cameras (TICs).

“These cameras will improve the efficiency of every firefighter on the fire ground as well as provide for a safer work environment for all our crews,” Fire Chief Timothy Bradshaw stated.

This grant will allow every on-duty firefighter in the city to have a TIC on them when responding to fires and investigations with several extra to account for damages and malfunctions. This tool will allow Taunton’s firefighters to more effectively and efficiently fight fires to preserve life safety, stabilize fire incidents, and protect property while providing an additional advantage of helping firefighters find safe exit routes in emergency situations.

“Our firefighters are committed to keeping our community safe. It is our priority to ensure they have the equipment needed to do their job and keep themselves safe,” said O’Connell.

Currently Taunton Fire is only able to equip each in-service company with 1 TIC and all of which are outdated. TICs allow firefighters to find fire in concealed spaces more efficiently, potentially saving more property and displacing less residents.

“I would like to thank the Department of Fire Services for providing this opportunity as well as all the members who worked diligently on this grant application.” said Bradshaw.