O’Connell Announces 2021 Christmas Parade Grand Marshal

Offley Grand Marshal
Detective Warren Offley Chosen as 2021 Christmas Parade Grand Marshal

O’Connell Announces 2021 Christmas Parade Grand Marshal

Taunton, MA... Today Mayor Shaunna O’Connell was pleased to announce Detective Warren Offley has been chosen as the 2021 Grand Marshal of the Taunton Christmas Parade. Detective Offley was chosen for this honor based on his many contributions to the community and the impactful relationships he created with residents during his time as a Taunton police officer.

“Warren Offley has earned the honor of being this year’s Grand Marshal. He is a humble man who shies away from the spotlight, but his dedication to our community deserves appreciation and recognition. He has touched the lives of many people in our City and I am so pleased to present him to our community as our 2021 Grand Marshal,” O’Connell said.

Detective Offley was the first African-American police officer hired by the Taunton Police Department and he served and protected the people of Taunton with compassion and dedication for thirty years. When he retired in 2001, Offley was widely praised for being a committed employee and a well-liked police officer. A long-time resident of Taunton and a devoted family man, Detective Offley is an avid golfer who has served as a volunteer on the Golf Course Commission for almost two decades.

The Christmas Parade Committee enjoyed hearing many heartwarming stories about Detective Offley. People fondly remember his presence on Taunton Green as he walked his “beat” and greeted residents by their first names. Taunton residents are quick to share stories about the many acts of kindness they witnessed from Detective Offley over the years, including lending his coat to a resident who was forced to vacant an apartment building in the winter during a potential fire. Offley was known as one of the fastest runners on the police force and people often joked that no one could outrun him.

Lawrence Newman, Chairman of the Parks, Cemeteries & Public Grounds Commission, happily endorses the Christmas Parade Committee’s decision to honor Offley as the 2021 Grand Marshal. “Warren is a good man and a great choice for Grand Marshal. During his career, he always tried to help everyone he could.”

Offley, known for his modest nature, expresses his appreciation, “I am deeply honored to be chosen as the 2021 Grand Marshal. I’m looking forward to the parade and celebrating with the community that has given me so much.”

The City of Taunton will honor Detective Offley for his many contributions to the community at the Christmas Parade on Sunday, December 5, 2021. The Parade will begin at 12:00pm on Broadway and will follow Broadway to downtown Taunton. The parade will conclude at Marion Manor on Summer Street.

For additional information regarding the Christmas Parade, please contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 508-821-1415 or refer to the City of Taunton website (taunton-ma.gov) or Facebook page. ###