UNITE Task Force

Unified Neighbors In Taunton Engagement Team



Unified Neighbors In Taunton Engagement Team

  • What is UNITE?
    • Unified Neighbors In Taunton Engagement Team.  UNITE was initiated through the Office of the Mayor to create community partnerships that work to foster a safe, healthy, and supportive community of equity and opportunity for all people. 
  • How will UNITE be formed?
    • Input Meetings with community leaders, individuals, and advocates will build the foundation for a successful, sustainable community-led initiative.
  • When will UNITE begin their work?
    • The goal is to have a core team of individuals from the community by the end of July.  


       UNITE Celebrates Black History Month- February 2021

UNITE Team: Statement on Unity Issued on January 14, 2021

 The Members of the UNITE 
Mayor Shaunna O'Connell

Pastor Charles Hightower

Pastor Matt Thornton

Pastor Edna Isaac

Lt. Eric Nichols

Michele Roberts

Tanya Lobo

Derek George

Minister Nikki Hightower

Cheryl Butts

Jay Paulo



#UNITETaunton4MentalHealth: Press Release: O'Connell Announces Launch of Make It OK Campaign- May 6, 2021

Black History Month Proclamation- February 2021

Taunton Police Department Letter 8cantwait

Press Release: O’Connell Announces UNITE Team for Taunton - July 29, 2020

UNITE Taunton Conducts Community Input Survey. To participate in this survey click here.

Community Forum on Mental Health