Pathways Committee

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Mission Statement: The mission of the Taunton Pathways Committee is to work with the City of Taunton, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), and local businesses and nonprofit groups to improve bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and to safely connect residents to the wonderful recreational opportunities in Taunton and surrounding communities.

Goal: To create multi-modal opportunities that help to promote a healthier and safer community for citizens of all ages and abilities.

If you have any input or feedback, be sure to email us at!

Committee Members

Name Title
Phil Duarte Chair
Jon Gray Vice Chair, Marketing Subcommittee
Abi Sanft Secretary, Outreach Subcommittee
Dick Shafer Member, Advocacy Subcommittee
Will Mendonca Member, Advocacy Subcommittee
James Dufresne Member, Advocacy Subcommittee
TJ Torres Member, Marketing Subcommittee
Lauren Connon Member, Marketing Subcommittee
Deb Levesque Member, Outreach Subcommittee
Karen Letendre Member, Outreach Subcommittee
Scott Martin Member, Outreach Subcommittee
Jake McNamara Member, Engineering Consultant
Bill Napolitano SRPEDD Advisor